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I am a mother of 3 amazing boys ages 19, 17, and 8. I am a very proud wife of 20 years, to a retired Navy man. Those things are first and foremost in my life.

I have always loved food, but my passion really kicked in when I had to learn how to bake and decorate a cake for my son’s Cub Scout project. Looking up how to decorate a cake, I instantly fell in love. Ever since then I literally dream of new recipes, most are dessert based but I am an amazing cook as well as baker. I have a notebook beside my bed to take dream notes. I adore sharing my food passion with the world, I am creative and have built a fan base that is loyal, goes back to my recipes often and continues to grow each month.

Now I develop recipes for Imperial Sugar on a regular basis and enjoy the process IMMENSELY!   I was the baker/creator for all of the desserts and baked goods for an acclaimed bistro in Maine for a year before starting my own dessert catering business. I created all of the recipes for my business, as well as baking, designing, networking, marketing and finances. . In April of 2010 I competed as an assistant on a Food Network Cake Challenge, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. We were tasked to create Belle.

I started my blog in 2006 and have built my readership to an average of over 32,000 unique visitors a month. My recipes have been featured on Babble.com, The Huffington Post Taste, Bella Nutella just to name a few. I was recently a ghost writer for a cookbook where I wrote more than 100 original recipes and I am currently making the final revisions on my own cookbook proposal.


As of today I have 4001 twitter followers but it increases every day.


I have 2950 Facebook Fans.


Today I have 865 followers on Instagram and that too increases every day.


So there you have it.


If you need to contact me, please feel free to do so at carrielynnfields@gmail.com

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18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sabine says:

    I only have e mail, is there any way to follow this blog through e-mail? I really like the blog and would like to receive further updates if possible.


  2. thorvald says:

    Hi Carrie, saw this article about a recipe contest & thought you might be interested; they have some very nice prizes:
    Thanks to you I’m making my 1st cupcakes ever tomorrow. Yep, I’m a n00b. Thanks for sharing your recipes.
    Regards, Thorvald. :)

  3. Leonela says:

    Hello, I recently become a very popular fan of making cupcakes and cake pops. I have made some for my daughters bday parties and family as well. So here is my question to you, How can I make infused alcohol cupcakes for my husband for his birthday this month on the 26th. I have looked and looked for recipes but cant seem to find one.

    He loves Crown Royal, and I would love to make him some for him and a couple of friends. I saw your Jack Daniels recipe. Can you help? Thanks a bunch

    • fieldsofcake says:

      You can absolutely make the Jack Daniels recipe replaced with the Crown Royal. It would be delicious :)

  4. Holliday says:

    L.O.V.E. your blog! I always find tasties to try out on my boyfriend and friends :) I was wondering though, you had some really good lemon cookies that were made with fancy olive oil. I made them last year before I moved back to Montana and I think my print out of the recipe got lost in the shuffle! I can’t for the life of me find the recipe anymore, do you have it on hand still?

    • fieldsofcake says:

      It’s still in my blog. If you search olive oil, they should pop up. They were made with Nudo Lemon Olive oil, but if you amp up the juice just a bit and use regular olive oil, they are still delicious.

  5. janelle says:

    kiss;). Love you Carrie!

  6. heather says:

    Hi, I am Raechel McMillan Lambert’s mom – you made the delicious wedding cake for her wedding with the butter cream frosting!!!!

    We have a special get together on August 5th and would like another cake for 6 people. Can you make another cake for us?
    Heather 274-1911

    • Fields of Cake says:

      Oh, I wish I could. I ADORE Raechel!! I am living in Montana now and the delivery for that cake would be a little too far for me. Please give her a big hug for me?

  7. Brittany K. says:

    You are so talented! I wish I had such great talent! I am in the process of making your jack daniel’s cupcakes, they sounded way too good to pass up.

  8. Lovely site…can’t wait to pass it on!

  9. Lee Commins says:

    Oh my word, these cakes are beyond beautiful! The most beautiful cake site I have come across. Absolute cake perfection! Well done Carrie!

  10. erin murphy says:

    you. are awsome.period.

  11. Andrea Wooldridge says:

    I am now following, Fields of Cake and Other Good Stuff.

    Thank you,

    Andrea Wooldridge

  12. erin murphy says:

    i am oh so so glad you are here in missoula with us:-)

  13. margaret says:

    i Love ur designs,it is beautiful

  14. harmonylady says:

    Love your blog….I’m a true foodie, that learned to use cooking and baking as a form of stress therapy…it’s a great therapy!!!

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