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4 thoughts on “Delicious Food

  1. barbara says:

    my grandson texted me a foto of one of your cakes, which he wants for his b-day. Didn’t see a foto of it on your site. It appears to be a red, tall square banded around the sidesin white with 9 white squares on top. on the white side band is TNT. On the top is a spider? with the body sitting on the center white square and each leg extending to one of the other 8 white squares.

    Question: how did you make the cake? What materials did you use? it appears to be covered in the frosting sheeting that is sometimes used on wedding and other cakes. Is it something that is avaiilable for purchase?

    Thank you.

    • fieldsofcake says:

      The cake is made with 3 9×9 square cakes…filled and frosted like normal. I then made 1/8 inch sheets of red candy clay (14 ounces red candy coating melted, then mixed with 2/3 cup Karo corn syrup) I cut the sheets to fit each side of the cake to make a red box. The rest is decoration with more candy clay in grey, white and black. The top is candy clay again rolled into ropes, supposed to look like the wick of dynamite all tied together. You can also purchase the candy clay or use frosting, but I prefer to make it with those Wilton candy coating packages because of the color varieties and vibrancy. I hope this helps.

  2. erin murphy says:

    what was i thinking thats not even on the website i ment white choclate red hot fudge…i dont really know what its called.

  3. erin murphy says:

    love the hotfudge fudge!

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