Life’s Tightwire and the Good Side

November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized by fieldsofcake

click on the pic if you want the recipe for a PERFECT switch to a holiday dinner side!

Balancing can be hard. I know I have tried this discussion with you before. Work, family, blog, social life…it can get overwhelming.  I am re-learning the balancing once again.

My 9-5 job is great, but really, really hard. Like going to college after 20 years, but getting paid for it! But on top of that, I have been having trouble with my memory. We are hoping it is due to lack of sleep,(which is a HUGE trigger for bi-polar flair-ups), so we think I may need to up my meds, due to increased stress and general bitchiness.The lack of sleep and stress is not good for one who is bi-polar…it’s like pouring water on a grease fire to try to put it out. Yeah. Ask me about that one sometime. (Well if that wasn’t very Dr. Phil of me). So the memory thing has been making learning harder, making hours at work longer so I don’t let down my boss. I come home to a house that many days is filled with dirty dishes and hungry men and children. My husband is exhausted from going to school full-time and worrying about finances. For the most part, I do the dinner…usually in my work clothes (very fancy of me). Then I need to figure out recipes for the blog. I love my blog, I love you guys. I don’t plan on the blog ever NOT being a part of my life. Stack on top of that the awesome (I’m serious) part of getting to be a test kitchen culinary specialist for Imperial Sugar. Now if I could JUST do that full-time, that would be a dream. When there are benefits and a pay raise, I am all over it. It will be easier to balance.

So the point is, I am teetering. I will find my balance again, the wobbling, trying to find my center;that will make me stronger. Just think of my magnificent posts then!!

Click on the photo to see the recipe!!!!! (then like it, pin it, share it…please)

Click on the pic to see the recipe. It’s a good one!

click on the pic if you want the recipe for a PERFECT switch to a holiday dinner side!