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For those who need to pass a drug test, Test Clear offers the largest inventory of help in the world. Whether it’s pending urine, blood, or hair sample tests, there is something available to help customers pass it with flying colors. Test Clear really is “the drug test advisor,” as stated on the website, even offering customers the opportunity to chat with an expert before purchasing any product. There is even an option to speak with a drug test expert by phone to ask specific questions for a nominal charge. Depending on the need for detoxification, there are detox products designed to work from one day up to 10 days, and their experts can quickly point out the one best for the customer’s needs. Test Clear even offers home testing kits so customers can test themselves either before or after Detoxing their system to make sure Test Clear’s products are working.

Careers Depend on Passing Drug Tests

Sometimes the most innocent behavior can result in a positive test, and people have lost their careers due to a few nights of adult consumption. Most people are guilty of using at one time or another, a substance which if found in the urine, blood, or hair, could result in their termination. With so much on the line, it’s not surprising there are a lot of products on the market promising clean results. Test Clear has been serving customers from every walk of life for more than seven years with the best results available. Test Clear is so sure everyone who needs help will be satisfied with their products that they are offering a discount coupon now for interested customers. Test Clear suggests talking with a drug expert on the site before choosing the best solution, rest easy, and enjoy a discount for the purchase through a Test Clear coupon code or promo code.

Detox Ahead of Time

Many employees or those who submit to court-ordered tests may know when a test is coming, and Test Clear has their bases covered with programs for the heaviest consumers. The five-day detox treatment is by far the most popular and uses herbs, vitamins, and minerals to naturally detox the system. There is no additives, chemicals, or animal products to slow the natural detox process, and the customers who have used the five-day system celebrate the success. There are FREE home tests available for users to check on passing samples on their own, so there are no surprises when the real test comes along. The five-day system works for blood, urine and saliva samples and is guaranteed by Test Clear to work every time. As long as the customer has followed the very simple instructions, Test Clear will refund the price if it doesn’t work.

Easy Steps to Test Clear

The one thing customers seem to rave about after using Test Clear products is the ease of use. Explanations and instructions are easy to follow, making other products seem too difficult to understand. Test Clear offers up simple explanations on how drug tests are administered, what the testers are looking for and, most importantly, what drug testers have seen over time from those trying to “cheat” the system. In the “not-to-do” list, Test Clear advises customers that home remedies, rumored “never-fail” tricks, and dangerous ingestion of chemicals are easily detected and render an automatic “fail” for those who are required to test. The best advice for testers is to not cheat themselves by using a strategy that appears to be a “cheat” when Test Clear can assure a pass on drug tests with their guaranteed results.

Don’t Have Time for 5-day Detox?

For those who don’t have much time to get ready for a mandatory test, there are shorter-term solutions. The one-day detox system uses pre-cleanse tablets, the detox liquid, and safe dietary fiber to cleanse the toxins quickly and effectively. Customers may also choose a day of test “flush” to assist in the last minute of flushing out any last toxins. It is also suggested that customers accept the offer of a FREE at-home drug test to find out on their own what the results will show. Test Clear advisers can provide the best product for any one’s need online or by phone if any customer has questions.

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